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Falcon hunts glider too close to nest

An aggressive falcon didn’t take too kindly to a model glider invading its airspace in Los Angeles. The peregrine attacked several planes in the South Bay area after they came too close to her nest.  The planes were no match for the bird, which can reach speeds of up to 200mph, and quickly plummeted to the ground. Read More »

James Bond gets a new car

Aston Martin unveiled the latest iteration of the James Bond car at London’s Pinewood Studios last month. Daniel Craig’s 007 will drive in the car in the Sam Mendes-directed Spectre, the 24th installment in the Bond franchise, set for release in November 2015. Ten of the cars — dubbed the DB10 — will be hand-built at Aston Martin’s headquarters in ... Read More »

Dreamy Frozen Lakes from around the world

Spring might be around the corner, but the Lakes cold weather has led to some of the most spectacular scenes this winter. Here is a look at some lakes around the world which get frozen during winters. Read More »

Impala and Leopard Interaction Caught On Camera

At South Africa’s Kruger National Park, a young impala, an animal that would typically be considered prey, unexpectedly approached a predatory leopard. Rather than pounce on the young creature, a game ranger was shocked and amazed to see the leopard play around with the small creature, rolling around in high grasses and having fun. It’s a sight that’s incredibly rare ... Read More »

Ottawa family wants $500K dowry back

Toronto Star news paper reports, Shakiba Banifatemi owns half of $1-million home, a gift from her soon-to-be ex-husband’s family. A judge rules she does not have to return her share. In keeping with Iranian tradition, the groom’s family gave the bride a generous gift — half ownership of a $1-million Ottawa home — a “dowry” that is now the source of ... Read More »

A luxury crane hotel in Amsterdam

The exclusive Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam is located at the top of a former industrial monumental crane in one of the city’s most creative neighborhoods. The suites are located at 50 meters height. All suites have a majestic view over the ‘IJ’ and the city Amsterdam. The price for a suite is € 435 The exclusive Champagne breakfast is € 27,50 ... Read More »

World’s ugliest endangered animals

With their flabby frowns, gurning grins and bloated, gassy stomachs, they’re hardly going to win a pin-up competition. But these disgusting creatures have become the surprise stars of a glossy new book in a bid to save them from extinction.Unlike their cute and fluffy cousins in the animal kingdom, the plight of these rancid animals is relatively unknown. The Ugly Animal ... Read More »

Mercedes F015 concept self driving car

Mercedes-Benz used this week’s 2015 Consumer Electronics Show to present the new F015 Luxury in Motion concept car. It’s a self-driving, fully-connected, hydrogen-electric plug-in hybrid that Mercedes says hints at what its cars in the future may be like. Equipped with a range of sensors that allow automated driving and outfitted in mix of white leather and pale wood trim, ... Read More »

Hi Tech Luxury Apartment in Singapore

Suppose you live in a super-deluxe apartment in Singapore and off-course you have a series of awesome super-cars, to park them out of sight in an underground garage would be a shame, agree? So that’s why this 30-story Luxury apartment building is equipped with ‘Sky Garages’ featuring a elevator that delivers and park cars right beside homeowners’ lavish living spaces.Developed ... Read More »

Most Ingenious Works Of Architecture In 2014

It’s been a banner year for architecture your ten-year-old self dreamed of — from 3D printed homes to buildings grown from trash. Below, we’ve compiled our favorite buildings of 2014. Red Pepper House by Urko Sanchez Architects: For this camouflaged vacation home in Lamu, Kenya, the client, a lover of nature, requested that the design preserve as much of the ... Read More »