Hyundai Mobis makes parking a breeze with crab-walking

Picture the scene: you pull up to the perfect parallel parking spot, but the road is narrow and there are cars parked on the other side. You drive a massive modern EV, realise you’re going to bash a bumper, so all you can do is mutter some expletives and drive on. This might not be the case in the very ... Read More »

Honda introduces new line of EVs

Honda unveiled two concept electric vehicles (EVs) during CES in Las Vegas, part of the company’s new line of EVs that will go into production in 2026. The vehicles, called the “Honda 0 Series,” were developed using the company’s new “electrification” design. Honda 0 Series *** “We have gone back to basics and formulated the Honda 0 Series with a ... Read More »

Show of classic cars in Isfahan

Transportation product and service businesses are being disrupted by digital platforms that move people from point A to B in new ways. Car ownership is giving way to on-demand urban transportation services, and transportation services continue to feel the effects of online price aggregators. Enterprises must embrace these changes and adapt to meet consumer needs to survive and thrive. Read More »

Russian-designed Bremach Taos SUV coming to US

The Bremach Taos is a rebadged version of the UAZ Patriot that first hit the market in 2005 and is similar in size to the Jeep Cherokee. However, the Taos is a true body on frame truck like the Toyota 4Runner that’s been updated with the modern safety systems required to make it street legal in the U.S. Read More »

News-making chassis, from Aston Martin to Lotus

The DBX may be the first SUV from Aston Martin, but it definitely won’t be the company’s last. Even though it hasn’t even gone on sale yet, already Aston is considering expanding its crossover lineup with two additional DBX variants: a four-door “coupe” and a seven-seater, according to a new report. Read More »

The most luxurious British SUV chassis with Mansouri Kit

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the most luxurious SUV you can buy today. Even in the standard form, it basically has everything one needs (and doesn’t need) in an SUV. But that didn’t stop aftermarket companies from trying to do different things to it and give it a twist.Klassen stretched and armored a Cullinan and put a $2 million price tag ... Read More »

Sony car unveiling

you won’t be able to buy the Sony car. Not any time soon, at least. The company has no plans to mass-produce the Vision-S, the car it surprise-announced at the end of its press conference at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, nor does it plan to do a limited run.Instead, the Sony Vision-S really exists somewhere between a concept and ... Read More »

Parade of Luxury Cars

During economic boom times, luxury cars are more popular – especially those on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. Last year, however, something remarkable happened when a new model not only became the most popular vehicle in the segment, but did so by more than doubling the sales of the second-ranked nameplate. This guide contains the 10 best-selling luxury ... Read More »

The Shah returned to Saudi Arabia again

The Maserati 5000 GT also commonly known as The Shah of Persia  (1959–1965) is a 2-door coupé automobile, made by Maserati of Italy. A total of thirty-four were produced. Read More »

Tesla Cybertruck design stuns

The Tesla Cybertruck might be from the future, but it’s probably not the future. That’s the immediate reaction from analysts after Tesla CEO Elon Musk rolled out what can only be described as one of the most stunning reveals in recent automotive history on Thursday night.Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the highly anticipated truck on Thursday night in Los Angeles, ... Read More »