Britney and Sam marriage ‘is in deep trouble’

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s relationship might be “Toxic,” according to TMZ. TMZ is producing a Spears doc that will air Monday, and multiple sources alleged to the outlet that the couple’s marriage is in “deep trouble” — and that the 41-year-old singer has reportedly gotten “physical” with her husband. Sources claimed that Spears and Asghari, 29, often get into ... Read More »

Famous executive restaurant

If you’re interested in working in the food service industry, consider becoming a chef. These individuals serve as the head of the kitchen and perform duties ranging from managing employees and creating menu items to overseeing the restaurant’s finances. Learning more about the role can help you determine if it’s right for you and develop an appropriate career plan. In ... Read More »

An actress who was paid a high salary

Actors and actresses perform, creating new worlds on the stage or in front of a camera. Actors and actresses can be the celebrities you see walking the red carpet at the Oscars, or the people who perform in a small independent play at a community center. For this job you have a lot of different work environments, and no two ... Read More »

What happened between Shakira and Osvaldo Ríos?

Shakira is at the top of the music industry, and although this should not be news given her successful career, there are different reasons why her latest songs are going viral. After ending her 10-year relationship with Gerard Pique, Shakira decided to release a few songs through which she aims digs at the former Barcelona star. Her latest hits ‘Te ... Read More »

Berlin film festival

At this year’s Berlin Film Festival, politics and protests, not cinema and celebrities, have gotten top billing. The activist uproar, whether its protesting environmentalists, demonstrations on the rights of women, or shows of solidarity with the embattled people of Ukraine, has created a media echo that has often overpowered what has been happening on screen. Thursday’s opening night red carpet ... Read More »

What does actress Erfaneh

The acting profession offers many formats and media types in which to display your performing talent. As an actress, you may be able to work in TV commercials, stage plays, films, live events and more. Understanding what actresses do on a regular basis and what they need to be successful in an acting career can help better prepare you. In ... Read More »

Madonna Grammys style

After making headlines for her Grammys style — including a dominatrix-style corset, riding crop, phallic accessories and androgynous apparel — Madonna seems to be doubling down on her bold style choices. The 64-year-old pop icon recently took to her Instagram story to share a series of outfit pictures with a message to her fans and critics. The four-part picture series ... Read More »

What to Look for in Your Best Shopping Mall?

Modern technology has revolutionized our lives the way we knew it. Whether it be a hospital or a shopping mall, today everything is well-equipped with technological tools that are playing their part in making our lifestyle fit to the modern standards. Therefore, when one chooses to do shopping in a mall, he/she prefers to have everything that they need under ... Read More »

Musician Sahba Motallebi

Musicians are talented and skilled in playing one or several musical instruments. They prepare for auditions, attend rehearsals, and learn new pieces of music to extend their repertoire. A musician’s talents can also include performing, singing, composing, conducting, and arranging among a wide range of styles and genres such as alternative, blues, rock, classical, jazz, R&B, indie, hip-hop, country, and ... Read More »

Memorable scenes from the movies of the past

An actor interprets and portrays characters to entertain an audience on television, film, theater, and other performing art venues. They work in several environments such as theme parks, production studios, theaters, or at a specific filming location. Most actors have other employment in addition to acting. Unfortunately (especially when starting out in your acting career) acting jobs can often be ... Read More »