Actress wedding dress

Zar Douz Basic workshop in which adding texture to fabrics, tailoring and brand putting are all done is small and local.Clothes are put up for sale and show in Zar Douz Basic store. Zar Douz Basic store is inspired by explosion, war and destruction; the purpose of this design is to show our problems in the Middle East, their impact on work and life, and how we design and produce our clothes with colors and patterns without considering them. And at the end of the store, there is a suspended big white box on either side of which the fitting rooms are located with a white bright space full of mirrors where people can easily see the clothes on their bodies in all details. A piece of music is selected by an Iranian DJ to be played 18 hours a month to introduce the atmosphere of Zar Douz Basic. Zar Douz Basic sees fashion in all walks of life and hopes to introduce itself to the world.