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Honey moon in london

The infamous city of London is a thriving metropolis, full of historical sights and rich, entertaining culture. Honeymooners can visit Westminster Abbey, take a ride up the River Thames or mingle with some London locals. Regardless of what activity that honeymooners choose to participate in, the city of London is full of adventure, romance and relaxation. From the beautiful buildings ... Read More »

Ibrahim Golestan House is a Gothic mediaeval mansion in Boleyn, West Sussex, England, which is more like a French château than an English house. This building has a large entrance gate with huge griffins (legendary statues) that invite you into the area with open wings. The interior of the house is as beautiful and unique as the outside, and the ... Read More »

Former anti west/shah activist now a Dr in US

Dr. Iraj Gahramanlou was born in 1325 in Qochan, was a medical student at Mashhad University, and was recruited into the Mojahedin Organisation in the last years of the 1940s. Mrs. Dr. Simin Salehi was also born in 1325 in Sirjan, and she is also a medical student at Mashhad University, but one year older than Dr. Gahramanlou. Finally, an ... Read More »

The death of the twins’ godfather

For nearly 12 hours, five neurosurgeons took turns grinding away with a high-speed drill. Millimeter by millimeter, they cut out a foot-long strip of bone that ran from the front to the back of the fused skulls. Finally, they pried the curved section away, wrapped it in wet gauze, and placed it gingerly on a sterile tray. Looking down at ... Read More »

The old singer and her partner

Singers sing in recording studios or for live audiences in a variety of settings. Many professional singers have the ability to perform in a variety of styles like rock, classical, jazz, country, opera, or hip-hop. Though you can hear professional singers on the radio, you can also be a professional singer in a Broadway play, sing for commercial jingles, or ... Read More »

Madonna’s 65th birthday celebration

Madonna’s birthday was a family affair! The Queen of Pop turned 65 on Aug. 16, and she celebrated the milestone with her six children, Lourdes, 26, Rocco, 23, David, 17, Mercy, 17,  and 10-year-old twins Stella and Estere. The “Material Girl” singer commemorated her special day — and son Rocco’s — with a trip to Lisbon, Portugal, where she enjoyed ... Read More »

Marriage of the singer’s daughter

A singer uses their voice to create music and convey emotions through lyrics and melody. Singers can specialize in various genres, such as pop, rock, country, jazz, opera, and classical music. Singers are essential components of musical ensembles, such as bands, choirs, and orchestras, or they can perform solo on stage or in a recording studio. Singers need to have ... Read More »

A footballer who became a model

Many footballers today love their fashion, with many of them even utilising their good looks to their benefit by becoming models. We take a look at some footballers who worked their magic as models. Check it out! The most obvious name that springs to mind would be that of David Beckham, and the Manchester United legend is still considered to ... Read More »

Beauty contestant

Throughout the competition, which narrowed down hundreds of entrants to 10 finalists in April, Kollé has used her platform to promote a more inclusive vision of the pageant world, and to encourage others to feel inspired. “Miss Universe asked us to describe ourselves in one word,” Kollé shared in a video posted to her Instagram page last month. “The word ... Read More »

Who is General Manouchehr Khosrodad

Major General Manuchehr Khosrodad is one of 438 listed in a March 13, 1980 Amnesty International report. The report lists defendants who were convicted by Revolutionary Tribunals in the period from their inception until 12 August 1979. The list of victims and charges is drawn from sources including translations of indictments, reports of trials carried out by local and foreign ... Read More »