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META Film Fest

META Film Fest successfully concludes with 70 film screening creating a new benchmark for the entertainment industry in the MEA. region Including Premieres, Red Carpets, Gala Awards Ceremony, Afterparties, META Film Fest hosting cast and crew – marking a new beginning in the region’s growing film and entertainment industry. The curtain came down on the first META Film Fest that ... Read More »

Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr meet Czech president

Ivanka Trump has received an award on behalf of her late mother Ivana, who was being honored by the Czech Republic president for her ‘dedication to the cultural and social life’ of the country. The 40-year-old stunned in a floor-length black dress with a built-in embellished wrap around sash as she entered the Independent Czechoslovak State Day celebrations with her ... Read More »

Where is Armita?

Armita Abbasi is a 20 year old girl who participated in recent demonstrations for freedom. On October 18 she was taken to Karaj Hospital by the security agents. When her family was contacted, they told the hospital their daughter had been 8 days earlier by Police. A person from the medical staff of the hospital, who did not want their ... Read More »

The New Protest Generation

New Yorker Magazine Exclusive: The protests that erupted on September 16th—led by the girls and young women of Gen Z— were a revolt against the theocracy’s intrusions on their lives, private and political. The Zoomers are braver, more ambitious, and more pragmatic than the previous two generations, as Forough Alaei captures in her photographs. The youth of the nineteen-sixties and ... Read More »

Old funeral in capital

Maybe you aren’t sure what kind of funeral service you want to have, whether for you or a loved one. Services may include traditional funerals, wakes, visitations, memorial services and celebrations of life. Keep in mind that many people choose to include more than one of these events when remembering their loved one. It’s all about honouring the person through ... Read More »

Young would be chef is gone

A chef oversees a restaurants kitchen. A chef plans the menu, maintains the budget, prices menu items, prepares food, purchases supplies, ensures quality of service, ensures safety, and manages staff. There is a lot of work that goes into becoming a chef. Chefs ensure the meals are cooked and seasoned properly and that they are pleasing to the eye. Pay ... Read More »

What do flight attendants do

Flight attendants are in charge of the cabin in an aircraft, and are responsible for the safety and comfort of the passengers. They spend more time with passengers than any other airline employee, and try to offer the most personalized service possible to each and every passenger for the duration of a flight. Flight attendants can either work in first-class ... Read More »

Feared ruthless official

Prisons have two goals: keep dangerous criminals off the streets and promote rehabilitation. Not everyone can be rehabilitated, but for every unrepentant offender, several others feel sorry for their crimes and want to change. Prison Directors walk the line between firm discipline and forgiveness to make prisons as efficient as possible. Every day is a balancing act if you’re a ... Read More »

What does rich kids do in canada

THE Rich Kids Of Canada are flaunting their excessive wealth by posing with wads of cash and flash supercars. Social media is rife with shocking posts from spoiled youngsters and the Canadians are no different — as they share pictures from their glamorous summer holidays, The Sun reports. Private jets, luxury yachts and bling gold watches are commonplace on the ... Read More »

Effectiveness of Social Justice Marches

Throughout history, social movements — small groups that are loosely connected but united by a shared purpose — have created transformational change. Women’s suffrage and civil rights in the U.S., Indian independence, the color revolutions in Eastern Europe, and the Arab Spring all hinged on the powerless banding together against the powerful. In these movements, protest has played an important ... Read More »