Hyundai Mobis makes parking a breeze with crab-walking

Picture the scene: you pull up to the perfect parallel parking spot, but the road is narrow and there are cars parked on the other side. You drive a massive modern EV, realise you’re going to bash a bumper, so all you can do is mutter some expletives and drive on.

This might not be the case in the very near future, as Hyundai Mobis, which is part of the wider Hyundai Motor Group, unveiled the smooth-moving Mobion concept car at CES this year, which packs its upcoming e-Corner drive system.

Put simply, Mobis has built upon its In-Wheel motor technology, which places four smaller electric motors in each wheel, rather than a much larger e-motor that drives front and/or rear axles in most production EVs today.

Thanks to this newfound freedom, engineers were able to incorporate braking, steering, and suspension functions into each wheel, allowing them all to be controlled individually and as a result, pull some very funky moves.