50 years of cinema bride

Niki Karimi born in 1971, she is the most famous, internationally acclaimed Actress and filmmaker and she began her work as an actress with films such as “Sara” by Dariush Mehrjouii, which she won best actress award at “San Sebastian” film festival and in “Nantes film festival in 1992. After that she worked in more than 25 films which brought her awards both nationally and internationally such as awards at “Taormina film festival” in Italy, “Cairo film festival” in Egypt and “Fajr film festival”, and Best Actress awards film Society. In 2001, she started film making by making a documentary about infertility named “To have or not to have” which was the beginning of her career as a filmmaker. In 2004 she made her first feature film “One night” which was shown at “Uncertain regards” at Cannes film festival. After that (One night) has been shown in numerous international film festivals . In 2006, she made her second feature film “A few days later” which premiered at “Rome film festival”.