About Azardokht Pahlavi

Shahpur Gholamreza Pahlavi (15 May 1923 – 7 May 2017) was a Persian prince and a member of the Pahlavi dynasty, as the son of Reza Shah and half-brother of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Following the death of his half-sister Ashraf Pahlavi on 7 January 2016, Gholamreza became the only living child of Reza Pahlavi. He resided in Paris with his family. Early 20th century was an exceptional time requiring extraordinary leadership. Extraordinary leadership at times appears to defy humanity bound by mortal restrictions. In 1925, the founder of the new Pahlavi dynasty, Reza Shah the Great (1878-1944) played a pivotal role modernization, and was without a doubt a leader who leaped over human limitations. It is no surprise that departments of education such as the state of Texas list Reza Shah as one of the three notable 20th century personalities.