About soroush katibeh former adivsor

Mr. Sorush Katibeh was born in 1958-59 and was single. He went to France after the 1979 Revolution and started studying sociology at the university in the city of Lyon. He was engaged to be married to a woman. According to one of his friends, “he liked the game of tennis. He liked dancing, and loved smoking cigarettes. He wasn’t very talkative, got along with people, and never whined about anything”. Mr. Katibeh, who was also a member of the National Movement of the Resistance, had been introduced to Mr. Bakhtiar by one of his friends in 1983, and had started to work at his home as his secretary and assistant: “The Doctor [Mr. Bakhtiar] asked me if I knew a trustworthy person. Sorush came and immediately took a great liking to the Doctor, as did the Doctor to him.