About the sport of karate

Karate derives from the Ryukyu Kingdom in Japan, ruled as a tributary state of China from the 12th century to the 19th century.  While karate is a Japanese martial arts practice, it has Chinese influences, as well.  Largely an art of striking, karate is identified by kicking and punching, and elbow and knees strikes.  What might me most identifiable are the open hand karate techniques, like palm-heel strikes, knife-hands, and spear-hands.  As a martial arts practice, karate falls into the same category as kung fun, in that it requires conditioning and proper training and practice.  As a martial art, karate also offers strength and endurance training, as well as self-defense benefits.  Karate, like kung fu, tai chi, and other martial arts studies, also requires internal focus and training, resulting in the dual advantages of mind-body conditioning.