Acting Workshop at the Film Festival

Consider your actor’s classes as physical training, as the way of getting and staying in shape. If you would want to lose fat or gain muscle, you would go to the gym and train — the same applies to acting. To become better, you go to acting classes, acting coaches, acting workshops, drama schools, acting universities — anywhere with the possibility to get out there and act. For starters, it won’t matter whether you’re doing acting workshops in London, or Los Angeles or Zimbabwe; just do them. We as actors need to be challenged at all times, otherwise we go stale, we do not grow as artists and we hit a plateau. Acting training will provide you the challenge that you as an actor desperately require. It won’t allow you to stop growing. But you mustn’t be afraid of facing new challenges; you can never stay within your comfort zone. Never limit your acting abilities — go out there and look for something new and different.