Actress and model in L’officiel magazine

Fall and winter call for tweed, leather, and cashmere, but does summer have a material equivalent? Our answer? Absolutely—it’s linen. If you’re looking for a look to take you from a day at the desk to happy hour cocktail parties, linen should be at the top on your list for summer 2024. TikTok has already latched onto linen looks as go-to styles for summer 2024, and some of the app’s biggest fashion influencers have gone viral after sporting linen pants in the name of “Lazy Girl Summer.” Make no mistake, lazy girl summer is still about looking your best, but this season, the priority falls on comfort and confidence, rather than just looks. Luckily, linen is comfortable and effortlessly chic, so it’s no secret why it’s a favorite among some of our favorite fashionistas.