Artist Touka Wiston

In Iran in 1972, Touka Voodoo was born into a woman’s body. His experimentation with cross-dressing began after the Islamic revolution, when he would ‘pretend’ to be a boy to avoid wearing state-enforced hijabs. Since then, he has actively used aesthetic body art and biological modifications to transcend the notion of binaries and exist as his own category, a self-identified ‘hybrid human’.I was born with a complete female body once, today I am a hybrid human. An androgyne. My body has been modified to be neither male nor female. I am heavily tattooed and psychologically I am happier than I have ever been. When one takes that step to fully tattoo the body, head and face, one enters a very liberating and empowering realm. Because you have been powerful enough to take this step, regardless of dogmas within the intransigent mainstream society.