Carrying a Christmas tree with a Porsche

Keanu Reeves definitely made our naughty list this Christmas for what he did with one our favorite cars. As you can see from these pictures, he strapped a Christmas tree to the roof of his Porsche Carrera 4. Shame on you, Mr. Reeves!From what we can tell, the car in question is a 1996 911 Carrera 4, a hot sportscar at the time (and today). The Porsche 911 Carrera represented the “base model” of the 993, and was available in rear and all-wheel drive versions. It was equipped with the naturally aspirated 3.6 liter M64 engine, further developed from the 964 and combined with a new dual-flow exhaust system now incorporating two catalytic converters. Unlike the Type 964, Porsche deleted the “2” from the rear-wheel drive “Carrera” name tag. But among enthusiasts, the differential between the rear-wheel and all-wheel drive variants of the Type 993 Carrera they were (and still are) commonly referred to as “C2” and “C4”, respectively.