Dizin and Shemshak ski resort

Until the beginning of the 20th century, Shemshak was a small village lost in the mountain. With the discovery of important coal deposits, the village grew and a road connecting Shemshak was built. At the end of the mining operations, the village became a leisure place for rich people. In 1958, Shemshak ski resort was created, offering to the upper class a place to learn and practice this trendy sport from Europe. Nowadays, Shemshak is still a famous place to come relax and have fun! Even-though the resort hasn’t expand since its opening, it is still one of the largest. The proximity of Shemshak with other ski resorts like Darbandsar and Dizin, makes it the Ski Capital! Shemshak ski area is the third biggest  behind Dizin and Darbandsar. The 2x chairlifts (2 seats) starting from the village serve the summit. From the top, you can access several slopes with varying difficulties. 2x ski lifts also reach the summit. A small ski lift in the village is dedicated to the beginner area.