Double Big Mac comes to McDonald’s this month

Introducing limited-time menu item at MacDonald’s

Big Mac lovers can soon make it a double in some markets

McDonald’s will offer a Double Big Mac beginning Jan. 24 in participating restaurants nationwide for a limited time. As you would expect, the sandwich has double the amount of all-beef patties (4), with more Big Mac sauce, along with pickles, lettuce, chopped onions – but not twice the cheese. You get one slice underneath the lower pair of patties.

McDonald’s did not immediately reply to questions about pricing or which markets might get the sandwich.

The Double Big Mac has been sold in Canada and Great Britain, Nation’s Restaurant News reported. And McDonald’s had introduced the sandwich here in the U.S. in March 2020, but the pandemic disrupted that launch, the site reported.

There have been other variations on the Big Mac in the past including, the Chicken Big Mac in 2022, and more than six years ago, the Mac Jr., made without the middle bun, and the Grand Mac, which had two larger patties on a larger bun, according to CNN.

Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Quarter Pounder® with Cheese


The Double Big Mac is likely targeting a certain “large beef burger customer,” a market spoken about by Jo Sempels, president of McDonald’s international developmental licensee markets, at the company’s investor update event last month.

The company has “identified an unmet customer need with a significant opportunity to drive future growth … a desire for larger, high quality burgers that fill you up and are delivered in a convenient and affordable way,” he said at the event.