Farah and her friends in New York

In 2020, Montauk was home to a population of 3,690 people with a median age of 56.8 and a population density of 210 people per square mile. The population of Montauk has increased by 10.79% since the last census in 2010, which recorded a population of 3,326 people. The largest ethnic groups in Montauk are White, most of whom are considered non-Hispanic, representing up to 93% of the hamlet’s population, the Hispanic community at 4.26%, and two or more races at 1.82%. The minor ethnic groups are Native Americans making up to 0.27% of Montauk’s population, followed by Asians at 0.27%, and African Americans at 0.19%. As of 2019, around 10% of Montauk residents were born outside of the country. The most common birthplace for foreign-born residents of New York is the Dominican Republic, followed by China and Jamaica.