Finnish actress Jessica Wolff

They provide an opportunity for unknown filmmakers to get their movies in front of a real live audience and to have their films reviewed by professional critics. Filmmakers whose movies get accepted into a festival also get valuable press attention and exposure to prospective agents and buyers, not to mention a sometimes sizeable cash award if they win. With big steps she climbed up the latter until the album “Renegade” was born to see the daylight in Japan and Finland in April.When Jessica is off stage, she is writing lyrics, practicing Kung Fu, doing stunt work, acting and other extreme sports to let the inner child out. Not to mention, behind the actions of this adrenaline junkie, you’ll find a warmhearted girl who lights up the darkest room with her striking personality.All of these abilities are also evident in her powerful music videos.More about her life will be revealed through her music when the album is released.