Georgina’s millionth birthday in Dubai

January 27 is the 28th birthday of Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina. On this day, Ronaldo directly wrapped the outside screen of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday. From the video exposed by netizens, it can be seen that the whole building of Burj Khalifa is playing beautiful photos of Georgina, with the text wishing her a happy birthday, shining in the dark night, and people in the whole city can see it arrive. And Georgina was also in a good mood. She and Ronaldo hugged and took a photo under the tower, and then took a photo of herself and the Burj Khalifa. She had a sweet smile on her face all the time, envy others. It is reported that Georgina and Ronaldo made their relationship public in 2016. The relationship developed rapidly after the two were together. Georgina gave birth to their first daughter the following year. At the end of last year, Ronaldo announced that Georgina was pregnant with a second child. The good news of the fetus, and revealed that Georgina is pregnant with a dragon and a phoenix this time, and they are about to form a big family of 8.