İbrahim Tatlıses’ son İdo Tatlıses married

İdo Tatlıses and his fiancee Yasemin Şefkatli got married. The couple got married in a hotel in Beşiktaş and combined their lives. Tatlıses and Şefkatli sat on the wedding table with a magnificent wedding. While famous names flocked to the wedding, to which 550 people were invited, Yasemin Şefkatli’s beauty and the wedding dress she chose were the most prominent issue regarding the frames reflected on the social media.

Yasemin Compassionate, who was commented on that she was a very beautiful bride, was slammed on social media with her choice of wedding dress. Yasemin Şefkatli, who married İdo Tatlıses, was born in 1992. Yasemin Compassionate Wish graduated from Private Semiha Şakir High School. Continuing her life in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Yasemin Şefkatli sat at the wedding table with İdo Tatlıses, with whom she has been together since August 2017, and got married.