Is the talk about Moein returning to Iran a plan to neutralise the Ali Karimi effect?

In his most recent statements, the Minister of Guidance stated that Iranian singer Moein, who currently resides in Los Angeles, is allowed to return to Iran

However, the Minister mentioned that a any concert would be postponed to a later date while various matters are being examined.

The Minister also emphasized that Moein, like other singers, would need to go through the legal procedures to obtain the necessary permit. Ezzatullah Zarghami, the Minister of Cultural Heritage, similarly announced that the Iranian government aims to facilitate the safe and easy entry of millions of Iranians into the country. The main concern highlighted in this news is the government’s approach to attracting celebrities. The focus on a specific individual may be due to their ease of entry into Iran and their lack of involvement in political matters.

However, Mutjabi questions whether the government should prioritize the return of Iranians from abroad or the departure of the country’s elites, artists, doctors, students, and middle class.

If the invitation is extended without proper preparations, it indicates that the government has taken the wrong approach in this matter, as well as in other aspects of its work. Rather than directing the country towards development and providing welfare facilities for all Iranians within the country, the government has chosen a contrasting path.

Mutjabi finds it strange that fundamentalist governments show interest in entertainment personalities overseas, while neglecting the domestic elite. The government seems to be more focused on welcoming singers like Moein, Siavash Qomishi, Habib, and others.

In conclusion, the news regarding Moein’s potential return serves as an invitation for Iranians abroad to consider coming back to their homeland. However, the government’s prioritization of certain individuals raises concerns about its approach and the neglect of other important groups within the country. The interest of fundamentalist governments in entertainment shows like Shoaf appears peculiar, as it seems to disregard the domestic elite. The government’s focus should be on development and providing welfare for all Iranians, rather than solely attracting celebrities. The memory of previous incidents involving Habib Mohibian and the government’s treatment of him still lingers. Additionally, the whispers of calling for singers grew louder during the Ahmadinejad government, particularly when Rahim Mashaei held significant power.

Habib believed that he would be able to hold a concert immediately upon his arrival in Iran. However, the outcome was not as he had anticipated. Akbar Mutjabi, the editor of Sazendagi newspaper, expressed his views on this matter. He found it peculiar that fundamentalist governments show interest in figures like Moein and other similar artists, disregarding the domestic elite. Mutjabi believes that this news serves as a green light for Iranians abroad, especially capitalists, economists, artists, and singers, to consider returning to their homeland.