Jennifer Lopez 43 kg dress in Marry me film

Jennifer Lopez was seen in New York City on Friday, October 18, wearing a wedding dress — but it’s not what you think. No, the Hustlers actor isn’t walking down the aisle to fiancé Alex Rodriguez (not yet, anyway): She was on the set of her new movie, Marry Me, which costars Owen Wilson and Sarah Silverman. Even though these photos aren’t from actual nuptials, seeing Jennifer Lopez in a wedding dress is nothing short of thrilling. And this gown is extravagant: bedazzled and bejeweled with a long, luxurious veil. Marry Me is slated to hit theaters in 2020. As for when Jennifer Lopez is expected to marry Alex Rodriguez — well, that’s still a mystery. The couple hasn’t set a date yet, but Lopez did open up about their plans briefly in a recent interview with Evening Standard.