Marriage of a famous Turkish singer and performer at the age of 60

The singer’s son, Oğulcan Engin, her mother Aisha Hanim, and her husband’s family did not attend the wedding ceremony due to their presence in Mersin. Sayan celebrated her wedding again on her live show “Sabahın Sultanı Seda Sayan”, adopting a simple white dress and her husband’s elegant black suit. Sayan was born in a poor family so she started working from a very young age. She started performing at the age of 16. She had her date of birth changed via a court decision in 1978 to 4 January 1959, in order to be eligible for performing at a specific venue. In December 2017, she changed her date of birth back to 1962. Her big shot came in 1984 when she played a role in a movie opposite Kadir İnanır.