Marrying the singer’s Donya Dadrasan

Donya dadrasan is a singer , songwriter , producer known for Donya She is a musical artist And has published “Donya” which produced her biggest hit yet, the song “Koo Ta Biad”, which has over 23 million plays on Radio Javan. This time the song was a dance track that turned into a music video which has over 1 million views on YouTube and 9 million views on Radio Javan. She was born in 15th of March 1998 with a passion for world music. A singer uses their voice to create music and convey emotions through lyrics and melody. Singers can specialize in various genres, such as pop, rock, country, jazz, opera, and classical music. Singers are essential components of musical ensembles, such as bands, choirs, and orchestras, or they can perform solo on stage or in a recording studio.