Maryam’s Kitchen

Our Love Cakes have been a staple since our opening day, and now you can take them away in boxes of 6! Perfect for sharing, gifting, or as a special treat for yourself. Enjoy one of Maryam’s delicious Kanefehs at your convenience, with our kits featuring: 1 x ready to bake Kanafeh, 2 x tubs of rose syrup, foil cover, and 1 x tub of rose petals and pistachios to decorate. Our new Kurdish inspired pides are freshly baked every morning, and come in 3 flavours: minced beef, cheese, and Shakshuka red pepper sauce.

Maryam’s Kitchen: 82 St Mary’s Pl, London W5 5EX phn: 020 8840 6633 you can visit their instagram page at: or their website at: