Susan Taslimi’s parents

Actors or Performers  are people who entertain an audience by acting, singing or dancing. They play characters on stage or screen and work with the direction of the creative team to bring a piece of theatre to life. Sometimes Performers start out in fringe or small-scale theatre or create their own work, there can be ensemble roles in larger companies or understudy parts. However some Actors and Performers may start in a lead role if they are the right fit for the character. Find out what you can do between acting jobs with our blog ‘What jobs can you do in between theatre jobs to earn.’ Many Actors are represented by an Agent. An Agent puts their clients up for roles they think they are suited for and are often given breakdowns for castings that are not readily available to the public, they will take a percentage of the pay, often between 10% and  20%. You can gain an Agent by writing to them, inviting them to shows that you are in, or ask for a meeting. It’s a good idea to research Agents and apply for those who have ‘open books’, meaning they are actively looking to represent new clients.