The first floating restaurant in the capital

Royal Lounge is the first luxury boat resturant, which province a unique and ideal environment for conference, wedding, gatherings and othe ceremonies. This ferry boat also has a private space for official meeting and events. This two-story ferry boat has a maximum capacity of 80 people, with the capacity of 50 people on the first floor and 30 people on the secont floor. Royal Lounge Roof Restaurant Cafe is a cozy and quiet place so that you can spend a moment drinking a cup of tea or coffee with a variety of cakes and sweets away from daily worries and enjoy the view of Chitgar Lake. The ship in Chitgarh Lake receives an entry fee for the departure of the ship, which is out of the cost of serving food or hookah. The Royal Lounge restaurant ship is on two floors, the lower glass floor is used for dinner and lunch and the upper open space where live music is performed is used for the cafe. With all these interpretations, the experience of boating on Chitgarh Lake is very enjoyable and memorable.