The first TV actor

Zubaidah Jahangiri was born in Jalil Abad, “now Khayyam Street,” , into a family of Bakhtiaris and owners of Faridan villages in Isfahan. She was young when her mother met Qamar al-Maluk Waziri by chance, and their friendship became so warm that Qamar became her godmother and called her “Mom’s mother”. In the last years of her life, Qamar al-Maluk had no one closer to her than Zubaydah Jahangiri. On Qamar’s recommendation, he went to the music academy and became a violin student. At the very beginning, the professors of the conservatory realized her voice and talent for singing and decided that he should focus on singing, learn piano instead of violin, and be trained to sing opera. But she didn’t want to become an opera singer or learn the piano. Her family sent her to the National Music Conservatory, where he studied violin with Mahmoud Zulfanun.