The secret life of Putin and his 39-year-old wife in the forest

Vladimir Putin is living with his gymnast lover and children in opulence with images showing the mansion in the countryside away from Moscow, it is reported. The Russian leader and Alina Kabaeva enjoy a secret life at the forest palace by Lake Valdayskoye which is halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg. Putin ordered the building of the stunning 13,000 square feet property so that it would be fit for a “royal residence” after coming to power at the turn of the millennium and he wanted it styled “like St Petersburg” meaning lavish as it would have been for the Russian tsars. He was able to live their under the radar with Kabaeva, a former Olympic rhythmic gymnast, until the mansion came under the spotlight by investigative reporters. The dacha is surrounded by a VIP settlement and heavily guarded by the elite FSO security service.