The town of the rich

Amirdasht town is one of the largest coastal towns in Clarabad region of Mazandaran. Many foreigners have been amazed by the existence of such a town by seeing the pictures of this town and the cars of the day in it. This town was established in 1351 on a 100-hectare land by a person named Ali Asghar Tavaklian.All of which are large villas. Villa lands in this coastal town start from at least 1000 meters And it has an area of 1400, 2000 meters, 2500 meters and in some special cases up to 2600 meter. Some luxury villas in Amir Dasht town have even been built for up to 8 bedrooms. Many villas are equipped with a swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi And the courtyard is built in such a way that a relatively large reception hall is available.