What does fitness model do

FIVEO LIFE encourages and inspires people to live a healthier, happier, more energized,  life by minimizing unnecessary body fat and building solid muscle mass.  A healthier body and mind lead to a more productive life experience and success at many levels. FIVEOmeans striving to achieve below 5% body fat.  It is not a short term diet.  It is a long term lifestyle change. Pro Fitness people who want to maintain a stage-ready perfect physique with high muscle mass and low body fat at all times. This contrasts with many bodybuilders who bulk up and cut weight for stage performances using extreme and unhealthy methods to get there.  Traditional stage competition diets and training can have long-term negative health effects and it is not sustainable.  FIVEOLIFE has provided an alternative path to achieve the perfect physique in a long term sustainable way.  It is a lifestyle that can lead to better health, higher energy levels, and life success.