Who is Simon Dorante-Day?

Simon Dorante-Day is the man who oddly claims he is the son of King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. The Aussie, who was born in the UK but now resides in Queensland, has alleged he was conceived in 1965 when he says the couple were first romantically linked. He has even filed papers to the High Court in a bid to force the King and Queen Consort to take a DNA test and has stated that he will use legal aid in order for his claims to be taken seriously. The father of nine believes the couple conceived him when Charles was just 17, and Camilla 18 and he was later adopted by a family who had links to the Royal Family. The engineer claims his adoptive grandparents Winifred and Ernest worked as a cook and gardener for the Queen and Prince Philip and told him “many times” that he was Charles and Camilla’s child. Simon – who says his middle name is Charles as part of adoption conditions – was born in Gosport, Hampshire, in April.