Who is the famous poet Lobat Vala

On the 20th of November 1309, on an autumn night, she was born into a wealthy family of first-class associates of Ahmad Shah, the last king of the Qajar dynasty. Her mother’s name was Munir Vala, and her father’s name was Zaheer al-Sultan. Lobat was known as one of the most beautiful children, teenagers, and women in the Qajar family. She got married when she was a teenager, but this marriage ended in separation very soon, and he returned to Shahdokht High School, a few steps away from Baharestan Square and the National Assembly, and received his literary diploma. Then she entered the university, and after that, he studied journalism, which was founded by Dr. Mesbahzadeh, the founder of the Keihan Institute and a professor at Tehran University Law School in that university.