Zombie Survival Bood Camps

Zombie Survival Bood Camps

Are you ready to face your darkest fears? If you are, they lie in wait ready to battle, ready to eat. This is the Zombie Bootcamp and it’s not for the timid…

You can now sign up to an apocalypse training camp in case there is a zombie invasion in different parts of the world.

As an example at a camp, the first of its kind in the world, in Portland, Oregon, actors simulate a real-life zombie plague while attendees learn the best way to dispatch them.  A one-day training course, promises to teach people specialized zombie-fighting skills for only 90 dollars. Whether you’re one of those crazy folks who believes a zombie apocalypse is imminent, or just a big fan of zombie culture, Zombie Boot Camp sounds like the perfect experience for you.

Here is a UK setup where they teach you “How to Kill a Zombie” in a Zombie Boot Camp: