Top 10 Best Selling Club Football Jerseys

Top 10 Best Selling Club Football Jerseys

Real Madrid and Manchester United have sold an average of 1.5million official replica shirts globally each year over the past five years – making them the two most popular shirts in football.

Daily Mail reports the commercial giants of Spanish and English football topped sales numbers from the 2009-10 season to the 2013-14 season inclusive, according to figures from authoritative new research by a leading international sports marketing consultancy.Real Madrid topped the charts, closely followed by Manchester United. Barcelona are No 3 on the sales list, followed by Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. Sports jersey sales are part of a multi-billion dollar industry. As the most widely followed sport in the world, soccer (or football) plays a big role in this industry. Adidas and Nike, the two leading sporting goods manufacturers, control three-quarters of the soccer market and had a combined $4.2 billion in soccer related income in 2012.

10. AC Milan – 350,000 jerseys annual


9. Inter Milan – 425,000 jerseys annual


8. Juventus – 480,000 jerseys annual


7. Arsenal – 800,000 jerseys annual


6. Liverpool – 810,000 jerseys annual


5. Bayern Munich – 880,000 jerseys annual


4. Chelsea – 910,000 jerseys annual


3. Barcelona – 1.15 million jerseys annual


2. Manchester United – 1.4 million jerseys annual


1. Real Madrid – 1.4 million jerseys annual