Electric Boat Looks Like A Waterbug

The tech site CNET reports if you have a lot of cash to burn and want to own a “sports car for the water,” then you should check into preordering a Quadrofoil, a hydrofoiling personal electric watercraft.

The luxury vehicle seats two people, operates quietly and zooms up to 25 mph. The Quadrofoil is expected to be delivered to customers in early 2015. You can fit two people in the Quadrofoil. The innovative watercraft tops out around 25 mph and sports a range of around 54 nautical miles. It only takes two hours to charge it up. Once you crank it up to a speed of just over 7 mph, it rises above the water, appearing to float over the surface, with only the tips of the foils in the lake. Unlike a polluting Jet-Ski spewing out gasoline this thing is completely emission-free.