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Persian Rugs What’s In a Name?

“We acquired one of the oldest and most valuable domains in the industry,, registered in 1995. It is currently the world’s most valuable premium Iranian domain name after Persian Rugs are one of the largest exports of Iran. These rugs have attained an elite status as the best in the world. Some private appraisal services have evaluated the domain alone to be worth over $500,000 dollars.” Yashar Zhalehdoust, the ... Read More »

Lavish Designer Handbags

In the luxury industry, theres nowhere to go but up. As the fortunes of the planets uber-wealthy continue to balloon, so too does their collective taste for the most outrageously expensive luxury goods. A handbag can be a defining accessory of women. Many will search for years to find that perfect bag, slowly collecting a multitude of unsuitable carry-alls. Some ... Read More »

Student’s unbelievable shots win him $10,000

Bryan College student Gustavo Angel Tamayo made a lay-up, a free throw, a 3-pointer and a half-court shot in succession to win $10,000 in tuition money Monday night. Tamayo made all four shots on his first attempt and just barely beat the buzzer. Amazingly Tamayo, a senior at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee,  had never played competitive basketball before and ... Read More »

A first look at Microsoft Fitness Band-Smartwatch

Everyone in the world has a wearable these days, and now it’s Microsoft’s turn. Cnet reported today that the Microsoft Band is now available after a surprise debut last night. Available only in the US for now, it costs $199, and works on Android, iPhones, and Windows Phone devices alike. In addition to the obvious optical heart-rate monitor you can ... Read More »

How do astronauts shower in space?

In space, washing your hair can be a, well, hair-raising adventure, and one NASA astronaut has the video to prove it. The new video of zero-gravity hair washing was recorded by American astronaut Karen Nyberg, one of six space travelers now living on the International Space Station. She posted it on YouTube and Twitter, in what is the latest astronaut ... Read More »

Miley Cyrus & Rihanna Turns Head With Outfits

All the big stars came out to support — and surprise — during the fifth annual amfAR Inspiration Gala Wednesday at Milk Studios in West Hollywood. Even the Queen of Motown, Diana Ross, made a appearance, singing her hits “I’m Coming Out” and “I Will Survive. It was undoubtedly Rihanna and Miley Cyrus who stole the show however. Rihanna opted for ... Read More »

Most Expensive SUVs on the Market

SUVs are the perfect marriage of a truck and a van. Like a truck, an SUV is powerful enough to tow heavier objects such as travel trailers and boats. However, they also have the added seating capacity only offered in a full-sized truck or mini-van. They were considered perfect for pretty much anything one required them to do. Then in ... Read More »

The camera you can swallow

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that Dr Saman Hosseini an Iranian/Canadian scientist based in the University of Toronto is in the forefront of this research [Link] A swallowable camera-in-a-capsule could help doctors spot early signs of oesophageal cancer, research has shown.  The hi-tech transparent device is about the size of a large multivitamin pill. It contains a rapidly ... Read More »

10 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World

The $65 million Gulfstream G650 may be the pinnacle of the private jet market, but it just doesn’t do the job for billionaires who prefer to fly with more than a dozen or so passengers. For that, the uber wealthy turn to Airbus and Boeing, who are more than happy to customize their jets — even the widebodies that can ... Read More »

French Company Introduces The Halal Test kit

Two French entrepreneurs have launched a portable device to test for the presence of pork in food for use by Muslims who abide by dietary laws. With France’s five million Muslims making up about 8% of the overall population, the test, similar in size to a pregnancy test, aims to help consumers detect traces of pork not just in food, ... Read More »