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Hookah a hit with the youth

The exact date of the first use of ghalyan in Persia is not known. Although the Safavid Shah Abbas I strongly condemned tobacco use, towards the end of his reign smoking ghalyan and copoq had become common on every level of the society, women included. Smoking water-pipes is an age-old tradition with roots in Iran, but its recent resurgence in ... Read More »

Iran Beats Puerto Rico in FIVB

Tasnim – Iran’s national volleyball team swept Puerto Rico in straight sets (25-17, 25-22, 25-14) at the 2014 FIVB Men’s World Championship on Sunday. Iran’s Shahram Mahmoudi ranked higher than all scorers with 13 tallies and teammate Mousavi matched his personal best in the competition with 8 blocks in a total of 12 points. “Iranian serve put us in trouble, ... Read More »

Daddy took my ear and nose off!

In the video above, a little boy struggles to come to terms with his “missing” body parts after his dad pretends to take them away. “My nooose!” he bawls as his dad jokingly “pulls” it off. Don’t worry, though, both ear and nose end up making it back to their rightful places. Read More »

Kissinger: Iran A Bigger Problem Than ISIS

Huffington post reports, Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said that Iran “is a bigger problem than ISIS.” In an interview with NPR that was released on Saturday, Kissinger explained that because Iran has a stronger footing in the Middle East, it has a greater opportunity to create an empire. “The borders of the settlement of 1919-’20 are essentially collapsing,” ... Read More »

Celine Dion drops home price by $10 million

The Canadian singer has cancelled her upcoming appearances at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas so that she can spend more time with her ailing husband – who is suffering from throat cancer. The celebrity recording artist also slashed ten million dollars from the asking price of her Jupiter Island estate in Florida (pictures below) previously listed for $72 million USD. ... Read More »

Iranian British woman, held in evin prison

By Ahmed Vahdat, Daily Telegraph – A 25-year-old British-Iranian woman is being held in solitary confinement after being arrested during a women’s rights protest in Tehran, according to campaigners. Ghonche Ghavami was detained outside the city’s Azadi Stadium after she and fellow campaigners tried to enter the men-only arena to watch an Iran-Italy volleyball match. The protesters – who all ... Read More »

That moment you realize you’re a cat

For one curious Scottish Fold cat, there’s nothing quite like seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time. Sure, he’s probably seen a mirror before, but this kitty hasn’t paid attention to who’s on the other side until now and it’s frightening. Read More »

Iran in the 80s a glimpse of a forbidden place

The Guardian – German photographer Casey Hugelfink had access to the Islamic republic in the dark decade after the 1979 revolution, throughout the Iran-Iraq war, when the country was sealed off to reporters and most of the world. She captured these scenes of everyday life with a 35mm Olympus OM and processed them more recently with the Camera+ app on ... Read More »

Haddadi linked with Real Madrid move

Hamed Haddadi has reportedly drawn interest from Real Madrid. He’s hoping that a strong FIBA World Cup will inspire NBA teams to contact his agent as well. “Real Madrid is the biggest club in Europe… But we’ll see what happens in the future,” Haddadi told “It’s one of my options, signing with a club in Europe. I’m waiting for ... Read More »

The Most Beautiful Cars Ever Built

In all, thirty-four 250 Testa Rossas were built, from 1956 through 1961. The phrase “Testa Rossa” means “red head.” The most well known, the 250TR, was produced from 1957 to 1958; only 2 factory cars and 19 customer cars were built. After the 250 GTO, the 250 Testa Rossa is the second most valuable Ferrari model, often valued at more ... Read More »