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Worlds largest hotels

Bigger, better, taller, more luxurious — it comes as no surprise that more than half of the world’s 20 largest hotels are located in Las Vegas. Of the world’s 20 largest hotels, 14 of them are located in the US. Several of the other hotels are located in Asia. 6. The Venetian, Las Vegas: 4,049 rooms The hotel uses Venice, ... Read More »

Judge Recognizes Defendant From School

An emotional school reunion took place at a Florida court when a judge had suddenly recognized the defendant to be her former classmate from decades ago, whom she said she was friends with, and who was the nicest kid in middle school. “Did you go to Nautilus?” Glazer asked the man. “Oh my goodness,” Arthur Booth blurted out while smiling ... Read More »

Six popular politicians on twitter

Even though most of the social media sites are blocked in the country still most politicians have setup a presence in Twitter Facebook and Instagram. One reason is to reach the EU and North American population. Still people inside the country have been active, following and leaving comments for the politicians, using proxies to access the site. 6) Followers: 4,658: ... Read More »

Open Door Lock Without Key

There’s a new smart lock in the works that does away with all these cumbersome key- and phone-based unlocking schemes. Instead, the Ola lock uses a fingerprint sensor. Ola is the first smart lock on the market to incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and capacitive fingerprint technology, making Ola not only keyless but phoneless. If you’re concerned that someone might swipe ... Read More »

Robot kills VW worker

Contractor was setting up the stationary robot when it grabbed and crushed him against a metal plate at the plant in Baunatal. VW spokesman Heiko Hillwing says the incident was likely caused by a human error, and not because of faulty programming in the robot. Another worker was standing outside of the cage at the time of the incident, but he ... Read More »

Highest Paid Female Soccer Player in US

Alexandra Patricia Morgan, commonly known as Alex Morgan, (born July 2, 1989) is an American soccer player and Olympic gold medalist. She is a forward for the Portland Thorns FC of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and for the United States women’s national soccer team. Morgan was drafted number one overall in the 2011 WPS Draft by the Western ... Read More »

Architect Designs worlds narrowest home

In a 4-foot crack between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland,  architect Jakub Szczesny envisioned a home. It would be dubbed the Keret House, providing 150 square feet of living space. He claims to have built the world’s narrowest Apartment. Six years have passed, since it’s first presentation as a slightly impossible artistic concept during WolaArt festival in 2009. The Apartments ... Read More »

Rezvani Motors Releases the Beast

Rezvani Motors is an automotive design and manufacturer of high-performance supercars based in Irvine, California. Rezvani Motors was founded by Ferris Rezvani. It has released a design for the Rezvani Beast, a self funded project by Rezvani. The Rezvani Beast was designed by Rezvani who has worked on cars for Aston Martin, Ferrari and DBC. The Rezvani Beast aims to ... Read More »

First ever fashion week is held

New York, Paris and Milan recently held major events to showcase fashion trends for next fall. Al Monitor reports for the first we have too. Contradicting the view prevalent in the West that country is covered and the drab, young designers presented a variety of up-to-date styles for men and women during the countries first ever fashion week. Read More »

Use of Graffiti in Home Decorations

Are you tired of solid paint colors, is it really hare for you to find a wallpaper you lide. If your walls need a kick, and your style is a bit more daring, would you consider grafitti? Graffiti are the heart of urban art, sometimes straying from the usual path and are replacing street with domestic walls. This are form ... Read More »