The Ten Greatest Movie Cars

1964 Aston-Martin DB5 James Bond’s Car in “Goldfinger” Eon Productions, the producers of the legendary James Bond film series, chose the new DB5 as the 007 conveyance, as it represented the epitome of British style and performance. The car had recently been displayed to great acclaim at the Earl’s Court Motor Show in London, and although other marques were briefly ... Read More »

Man breaks record for world’s tightest parallel park

Chinese wheelman Han Yue has done the seemingly impossible by breaking the tightest car parallel parking record. Han managed to neatly slide his way into a gap measuring just 8 cm (3.15 inch) longer than the MINI 3 Door Hatch he was driving for the attempt which took place on Friday as part of the “China Drift Championship” held at ... Read More »

Tesla says in talks with BMW

U.S. electric carmaker Tesla Motors is in talks with Germany’s BMW over a possible alliance in batteries and light-weight components, Tesla’s Chief Executive Elon Musk told German weekly Der Spiegel. In an interview published on Sunday, Musk described BMW’s production of carbon fibre reinforced car body parts as “interesting” and “relatively cost efficient.”   Read More »

Armored Mercedes SUV take shots from an AK-47

Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) is a supplier of bulletproof vehicles based out of San Antonio, TX. In its latest video, the company’s CEO Trent Kimball brings product testing to a whole new level as he sits inside one of TAC’s bullet-proof Mercedes-Benz SUV’s while it’s being shot at by an AK-47. The boys at TAC even leave the unedited sequence ... Read More »

Most Expensive SUVs on the Market

SUVs are the perfect marriage of a truck and a van. Like a truck, an SUV is powerful enough to tow heavier objects such as travel trailers and boats. However, they also have the added seating capacity only offered in a full-sized truck or mini-van. They were considered perfect for pretty much anything one required them to do. Then in ... Read More »

Dubai Police’s Futuristic Amphibian Vehicle

The Dubai police force is no stranger to acquiring vehicles that are a tad over the top. From their Bugatti Veyron, to their BRABUS G63S-700, they are prepared for just about any chase. While their current fleet has focused mainly on the street, they recently added a new vehicle that can travel on both land and sea. According to an article ... Read More »

The new Mercedes Benz GLA class

Somewhare in between a hatchback and a compact SUV is where you come up with the Mercedes GLA class. This crossover hybrid is to appeal to the younger generations mid 20’s to late 30’s. The largest-growing segment in the world right now is compact SUVs and crossovers.  Now, Mercedes-Benz is in play.  With 208 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, ... Read More »

Greatest 4×4 Trucks Ever Made

Here are our list of consumer pickups that have defined what we have expected a pickup truck to be and do. These are the compact to full-size 4×4’s we actually buy and use. Below see our pick of the greatest trucks to cover every inch, foot and mile of the world. 1) 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 Hardtop wagon Sold ... Read More »

Diamond-encrusted Mercedes in London

People living in Knightsbridge are used to unique cars but it seems even they were impressed by a diamond-encrusted Mercedes which was snapped parked outside the Levin Hotel near Harrods. This 2011 model has been transformed into the capital’s blingest motor by its owner – rumoured to be a young Russian woman. The car which would normally be worth around ... Read More »

Simple Van from outside but guess whats inside?

If you have loads of cash to spare and aren’t into luxury sport vehicles, why not try a luxury business van from German car designer Klassen? While it may look like an ordinary van on the outside, once you step inside, you might not want to come out. Read More »