Worst selling cars

Rhineland-Palatinate 5 Manufacturer Name: Bam Automakers Production circle: zero The car did not have any production this year, but still has not sold its 95th year, so Bam’s Blue Swallow is one of the worst failures in the history of the automotive industry by assembling a product called Rhine V 5. Read More »

Celebrities Who Have Received Organ Transplants

Tracy Morgan Tracy Morgan is a star who has been featured in comedians and films in many films and serials. His comedic talent has spurred millions around the world, but what happened to him in 2010 was not laughing. Morgan had no choice but kidney transplant this year. His kidneys were disabled due to diabetes and alcohol abuse. Read More »

Best Routing Apps for Nowruz Travelers

Google Maps This app, which is pre-installed on most Android smartphones, can be considered as a full-fledged router, the app is one of the most accurate router applications and delivers a wide range of suburbs and alleys in many cities. Routing with Google Maps is very simple and thanks to this application, you can reach the shortest way along the ... Read More »

Where are the best places to watch cherry blossoms?

Vancover, British Colombia The city has more than 130 cherry trees. So, do not be surprised that Vancouver hosts the cherry blossom festival every year. At this festival, various entertaining activities, such as live music, the Haiku match, and picnic at Queen Elizabeth Park. Read More »

Strange and incredible laws that will only be possible in Japan

You can not buy some medicines Many drugs that can be easily bought in other countries can not be bought freely in the country, and they need only prescribe a doctor’s dossier. For example, anesthetic drugs used to treat asthma and dyspnea can be made in Japan only by prescription. Read More »

Trends about men who hide from others

Men face catastrophic nightmares and disasters Death, illness, and personal threats are the common themes of everyone’s nightmares. But after discovering 10,000 sleep, scientists at the University of Montreal found that there were differences between the nightmares of men and women. Men wake up to observe nightmares where major disasters such as floods, earthquakes and wars occur. Interpersonal conflicts in ... Read More »

Traditional “Shark Golin” and “Chalet” in the village of Abshineh, Hamadan

Every year, when Alvand Mountains, after hearing the cold and windy days of autumn and winter, listened to the sound of the spring’s foot, slowly slammed the white and frozen slopes of its pack into the wilderness, and the winter’s cold winter wounds became fresh grass. Heal the green spring, the beautiful Kishgalin ceremony will be held in Hamadan. Read More »

Stars that have the largest collections of art

Leonardo DiCaprio: collecting modern works Leonardo DiCaprio is currently one of the most powerful and influential stars in the world. He began his career in the cinema industry from the age of adolescence, along with other activities such as environmental conservation and art. Read More »

Cinematic theaters and celestial theaters

Mohammad Hasan Ghamkhar Mohammad Hassan Ghamkhar, an actor from theater, theater and theater, began his artistic career in the field of cinema and theater since the end of the year, and eventually died of liver disease on the evening of Sunday, April 20th. Among his artistic activities can be played in the series “Aunt Sara” , “Third Smile”, “Grandmother Pirates” ... Read More »

Rules to wear in clothing

The middle button jacket or jacket should always be closed, the upper button is depending on your taste and the bottom button should never be closed. Read More »