Beauty Trends & Methods Throughout History

15th-17th Century: High-heeled shoes During the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, women wore high-heeled shoes in order to prevent their skirts and clothes from falling. At the time, these shoes were considered to be the social status of the people, so that people judged each other according to the shape and gender of the shoes. Read More »

Get to know the strangest eating habits in different European countries

Never drink in Spain with a soup of water The people of Spain traditionally believe that they should never drink water with an octopus or soup because they damage the stomach. In the event of thirst, you can drink alcohol-free drinks. Read More »

10 Wonderful mysteries about airplanes that you probably did not know about

Hooks on the wing of the plane In most airplanes, the emergency exit door opens to the wings, and in emergency situations, passengers will have to park on flat wings and slippers. For this to be easier for travelers, a flask is designed on each wing with a safety rope or safety cord, with one side being connected to the ... Read More »

20 Exotic fruits you’ve probably never heard of

Cherimoya This fruit is more like ice cream than anything else. Cherimoya will be watered like a simple ice cream in your mouth and is very helpful in treating bloody diarrhea and reducing fever. But the interesting thing is that its seeds are poisonous. Read More »

Zermatt Peak, luxury residence in the snowy mountains of Switzerland

Zermatt is a part of the German-speaking area of ​​Switzerland, which becomes a popular ski area in winter. Therefore, the residences of this area are of great importance. Zermatt Peak is one of the most expensive and luxurious ski resorts. Read More »

The ceremony of opening the museum of Simin and Jalal

The ceremony of the opening of the museum of Simin and Jalal, Saturday, May 8, was held with the presence of Hosseini Makarem, the head of the municipality, Sayed Reza Salehi Amiri, Mohammad Javad Haghshenas, Gholamali Haddad Adel and Ahmad Masjed Jamei. Read More »

Football in Shalizar

Fleet race in Shalizar in order to return the village youth to Shalizar and prepare for the new agricultural season before the start of the season of seedlings in the villages of Gilan. Read More »

Do not do things in the hotel

Do not trust the windows There are several stories about the hotel’s unsafe nature in the news. In June 2011, the story of a 2-year-old girl who fell from the hotel window in Hinckley was published in newspapers. This baby survived but had a very critical condition in the hospital. Read More »

“Plastic” gardens

Humanity today is in contrast to the largest and most unprecedented pollution of plastic waste in history. Over the past fifty years, world production and consumption of plastic have increased dramatically, according to global industry analysts, the consumption of this chemical product by the end of 2015 has reached 297.5 million tons. Read More »