Actor, poet, filmmaker and dancer Shahrzad

Shahrzad (Kobra Saeedi) Actor, poet, filmmaker and dancer over time Years of activity 1340 to 1356 Maryam and Mani film in 1977, the first and last film of Ms. Shahrzad who made a building with Puri Bnaie. She won the Thanksgiving Award for the films “Tengna” and “Sobh Rooz Chahar”, with his mood he no longer saw the cinema as suitable in 1973 and separated from it with a protest, he made a short film and wrote with his hand and According to many, including former actress Manouchehr Ahmadi, who says: “The only female director cinema is only Shahrzad, not Shahla Riahi, because in 1977 she was “An independent female director made the film ‘Maryam and Mani’ with a female protagonist starring Puri Banai.”