Sacred animals worshiped throughout history

Ptoscous Lizard In ancient Egypt, “Sobek” was one of the gods who had close ties with the crocodiles who lived on the Nile. There are sculptures and paintings from Ancient Egypt that show the Suquet in a human form with the head of a crocodile or a simple crocodile. Since the flood of the Nile River was very important for ... Read More »

Footballers who entered the field of politics

Kaha Kalladze, mayor “Kaha Kalladzeh” went to Milan for many years and although he was always a very moderate footballer, he was a mythical figure for the Georgian people who watched the stars of the ship. After the end of the game, he did not want to stay with football and became Georgia’s energy minister. The Kahla, who once came ... Read More »

The finest “side of the road” restaurants

Mirzayi Resturant One of the old and famous dishes of the Chalous Road is Mirzai Restaurant. You can sit on the beds next to the river, or select tables in the hall. Read More »

4 Dangerous job in the world

Mining Worker: This job is one of the hardest and most dangerous jobs in the world. Many people die in events that occur in mines. Just imagine that you should work for hours under the ground and in a dark place. One of the complications of working in this environment is the lung discomfort that occurs. Read More »

Top 10 Chocolate Maker

Teuscher (Zurich, Switzerland) He is areer began 70 years ago in a small town in the Swiss Alps. Dolf Teuscher, the owner of this chocolate workshop, spoiled the whole world to produce the best raw materials, including cacao, marzipan, fruit, nutcracker, etc. After spending many years and gaining valuable experience, today she produces delicious chocolates with her famous recipes and ... Read More »

Things you should never do on the plane!

Hold your seat all the way around Traveling by plane increases the possibility of blood clotting in your veins, but it can be prevented by a short circulation or simple movements, as well as wearing loose clothes. Read More »

Attractions around the capital

Larijan Water Village Village The village of Abram is perhaps the most touristy village in the area, thanks to the Larijan hot springs. There are plenty of hot water baths in the village that attracts a lot of people in different seasons. Weekend getaways are a perfect way for a busy entrepreneur to get some rest and relaxation without having ... Read More »

How to close the luggage and get off the road?

Get a list of items you need to put in your luggage Are you worried that you might have left a necessary device at home? Passport? Done! Toothpaste? Done! Favorite doll? Done! To make it easy for you to put things in your luggage, make a list of everyday holiday items you need. When preparing your luggage this way, you ... Read More »

Best Places to Hide Valuables in Your House

Chips Box These boxes have a sturdy cylindrical chamber that you can safely place your banknotes inside and cover everything on it with a few chips to look natural. Read More »

“Ramana” by Iranian Angelina Jolie!

There are many people whose faces are like these famous people, and with just a little change in appearance and kind of cover, they completely look like a well-known figure. An Iranian girl named Ramana in Canada lives on a face that looks like Angelina Jolie and has attracted media attention. Read More »