Spending your holiday vacation in Darakeh

The “Dareh” mountain range and location is located in the northwest of  the capital and is one of the popular hiking trails in the capital. This place is one of the most important and old resorts in the city, and the pleasantly lush mountains are easily accessible at the foot of the high mountains of Alborz. Read More »

The world’s most dangerous skiing tracks

Corbet’s Couloir, Wyoming Specifications such as a 3185-meter high and two-ridge rating (a very steep slope, suitable for professional skiers) are enough to make the route “America’s most horrific ski route.” This track is on the list of wishes of a large number of professional skiers who like to experience this route, but just looking at it is enough to ... Read More »

The strangest hotel in the world

Iceland has one of the strangest hotels in the world, a hotel that is not like any other hotel. Everybody wants a roomy hotel to have a beautiful view. Now hotels in Scalaollet, Iceland, may not be similar to other hotels, but they certainly meet these. Read More »

These Hollywood men are fans of feminism

 John Legend One of the most prominent features of John Legend is that he is very pro-women. As far as he can defend women’s rights. He not only is very active in this field but also forces other men to approach him like feminism. He shouted once loudly in a crowd: “All men should be feminists. If men respect the ... Read More »

Iran Fashion Week in UAE

Iran Fashion Week held Friday in the United Arab Emirates. Fashion design, art is the use of design and aesthetics in the production of clothing, bags, shoes and jewelry. Fashion design is influenced by the cultures and customs of different societies and is as diverse as the differences. Read More »

Stop saying these sentences after you turn 40!

It’s too late for me   Maybe you’re thinking of changing jobs, changing your place of residence, changing your appearance, or even wanting to change your position in an emotional relationship, but when you feel you are living in the 40’s, you will regret doing this. In fact, there is no age limit for changing lifestyles, and this mindset only ... Read More »

Do not do things that you have to do when you are 30 years old

Thirty-year-olds do not waste time, get better friends Out of the 600 responses quorum readers of the thirties, One of the most commonly reported responses was to stop hacking friends and cops out of hand. And instead, spend time with people who really think and you like them. Read More »

10 main drugs and their lethal effects

Heroin Heroin is a narcotic substance that is directly derived from opium sap processing. It was first made to help patients who became addicted to morphine. Heroin converts to morphine after passing a blood-brain barrier immediately after it is injected into the bloodstream, which imitates the function of endorphins and gives the person a sense of healing and well-being. Read More »

Amazing and wonderful secrets about women

For women, getting ready for an appointment is like a nightmare Be sure to come to your friend that you want to go out and get ready in two minutes. But if you are a woman, you should know this at least the day before, because you need a lot of time to prepare. Read More »