Khosroshahi family honors

An entrepreneur is an individual who has identified a need in the marketplace and has come up with an innovative business idea to fill that need. Entrepreneurs are willing to take on the many risks of implementing their idea, and to also take on the role as leader of their company or organization. They assume full responsibility for the execution, ... Read More »

Songwriter Farideh banaei

Songwriters can perform a number of functions depending on career goals, ambition level, and specific talents. For example, a songwriter may simply write song lyrics and music, and then sell the completed song to a performing artist. This is common among pop music performers who often have more than one songwriter writing material for them behind the scenes. In this ... Read More »

The town of the rich

Amirdasht town is one of the largest coastal towns in Clarabad region of Mazandaran. Many foreigners have been amazed by the existence of such a town by seeing the pictures of this town and the cars of the day in it. This town was established in 1351 on a 100-hectare land by a person named Ali Asghar Tavaklian.All of which ... Read More »

Girls swimming team

Ask any swimmer ‘what is a swim team?’ and they’ll provide the obvious answer. And while the answer probably isn’t wrong, it’s also not complete either. A swim team is more than just swimmers. Being on a swim team is dedication, support, and mentorship. And while a swim team isn’t for everyone, it’s a good option for those looking to ... Read More »

Hostess clothes

A host or hostess position is relatively accessible. Employers sometimes require a high school diploma or GED, but many host positions can be obtained without these credentials. Some high school students work as hosts and hostesses as they work toward earning their diplomas. Those hoping to work in a supervisory role as a lead host or hostess may want to ... Read More »

Actress Doctor

An actor’s job is to fully represent the character they are playing and to convince their audience that character is real by engaging them and drawing them into the story. This applies to major roles and smaller parts, as all roles combine to create a successful production. There are many ways to get into character and actors often research the ... Read More »

Cargo transportation

Molecular motor proteins are crucial for the proper distribution of organelles and vesicles in cells. Much of our current understanding of how motors function stems from studies of single motors moving cargos in vitro. More recently, however, there has been mounting evidence that the cooperation of multiple motors in moving cargos and the regulation of motor–filament affinity could be key ... Read More »

A small Iraq in the south

In the southeast, there is a neighborhood called Dolatabad, which as soon as you enter, you think you have entered another country. This neighborhood is called Little Iraq. Most of the residents in this neighborhood are who have lived in Iraq for many years. Some of them may have been born to fathers in Iraq and spent their entire lives ... Read More »

Former TV presenter Jamileh Nedayi

Radio and television presenters entertain and inform programme audiences on national and regional stations, and satellite and cable channels. They act as the public face (or voice) on various types of programmes, including sports-based, current affairs and entertainment shows. They are also the centre point for programmes, responsible for keeping it flowing at the appropriate pace, introducing and interviewing guests, ... Read More »

Actress clothes

Actresses perform various roles in front of cameras or live audiences. They often work long hours rehearsing scenes, studying lines and performing on screen or stage. Professional actresses can be found working in dinner theaters, major theaters and repertory groups. Many travel with theater groups or help in the training of other actors for larger roles. Actresses are required to ... Read More »