New York City from Above at Night

A dream vacation for one who has never visited from the ground, Manhattan is a maze of brick and steel. From above, it’s something else entirely. Manhattan is one of the most populous islands of the planet. Only its land price is about 40 billion dollars and the whole island’s price including its real estate is more than 3 trillion ... Read More »

The Floating House in Australia

Suspended 40 meters above gorgeous Fairhaven Beach, on Australia’s famous Great Ocean Road, is a house that seemingly, at least from some angles, defies gravity. The holiday rental property is one of Australia’s most photographed houses, and why? Because, from its entrance way, architectural tricks make this house appear as though it is simply floating on top of the brilliant ... Read More »

Husband charged after woman found dead in her car

The former husband of a 26-year-old woman has been refused bail in a New South Wales court on Sunday after being charged with her murder, in what police believe is case of domestic violence. Leila Alavi was found dead in her car on Saturday morning in the underground parking lot of the Auburn shopping centre where she worked as a ... Read More »

Walking on a transparent frozen lake

In this amazing video you see  two guys hiking in the High Tatras Mountains, in Slovakia, this is when they come across a frozen lake with crystal clear ice. The water is so transparent that they seem to be floating a few feet above the ground.  High Tatras Mountains are a mountain range along the border of northern Slovakia in ... Read More »

Dreamy Frozen Lakes from around the world

Spring might be around the corner, but the Lakes cold weather has led to some of the most spectacular scenes this winter. Here is a look at some lakes around the world which get frozen during winters. Read More »

A luxury crane hotel in Amsterdam

The exclusive Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam is located at the top of a former industrial monumental crane in one of the city’s most creative neighborhoods. The suites are located at 50 meters height. All suites have a majestic view over the ‘IJ’ and the city Amsterdam. The price for a suite is € 435 The exclusive Champagne breakfast is € 27,50 ... Read More »

World’s ugliest endangered animals

With their flabby frowns, gurning grins and bloated, gassy stomachs, they’re hardly going to win a pin-up competition. But these disgusting creatures have become the surprise stars of a glossy new book in a bid to save them from extinction.Unlike their cute and fluffy cousins in the animal kingdom, the plight of these rancid animals is relatively unknown. The Ugly Animal ... Read More »

Hi Tech Luxury Apartment in Singapore

Suppose you live in a super-deluxe apartment in Singapore and off-course you have a series of awesome super-cars, to park them out of sight in an underground garage would be a shame, agree? So that’s why this 30-story Luxury apartment building is equipped with ‘Sky Garages’ featuring a elevator that delivers and park cars right beside homeowners’ lavish living spaces.Developed ... Read More »

Asalem a dreamy beautiful road in Ardebil

Winding path which connect Asalem and Khalkhal in two province of Gilan and Ardabil is the most beautiful road in Iran. Pristine and untouched nature , wild beauties, traditional lifestyle of indigenous people , production of pure honey, existing of waterfalls and lakes, vast plains rare flowers and plants , are among the unique features of this beautiful road. Tourists ... Read More »

Conservationist Reunited With Gorillas He Raised after 15 years

In the animal kingdom, gorillas stand out as being most similar to humans. Their DNA can be up to a 99% match to ours, and their behavior is incredibly advanced. Some gorillas have even learned American Sign Language and been able to communicate with the humans around them. Fifteen years ago, David Aspinall and his daughter Tansy adopted two infant ... Read More »