about Banafsheh Sayyad

Internationally-acclaimed Persian sacred dance artist and transformational teacher, Banafsheh is a pioneer in a style she has created called Dance of Oneness®, which fuses rigorous dance technique with spiritual embodiment. Born in Iran where women’s public dancing is currently forbidden, Banafsheh is dedicated to bringing upliftment, liberation and joy to ALL through dance and movement. Her electrifying and wholly original ... Read More »

University entrance exam

By the time you’re a senior in high school, you’re probably understandably so sick of standardized testing. We don’t blame you — studies show that students take about 112 mandatory standardized tests from pre-kindergarten through high school, and that doesn’t include any college entrance exams, practice tests, or advanced placement (AP) tests. But if you envision yourself applying for and ... Read More »

Sepehr Heydari and his wife in Dubai

Sepehr Heydari, born on June 20, 1980 in Isfahan, is a popular football player in our country. He has played in teams such as Zobahan, Persepolis and Mes Kerman, and Sepehr Heydari’s championship goal for Persepolis in the final game against Sepahan has made him popular among his fans. He had a son named Diako in February 2017. Read More »

Behzad and Susan together

Behzad Bolour has been producing youth and music programmes for the BBC Persian Service since 1990. He has also commissioned folk, rap and deathmetal songs on behalf of the Persian Service to promote alternative music. Alternative music is developed by teenagers at home, by hand made instruments & computer programmes, mostly using chat-microphones. In the last six years this movement ... Read More »

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new hotel opens in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new hotel in Gran Vía Madrid, Pestana CR7 Gran Vía Madrid, opens its doors after an investment of 13 million euros, in a ‘soft-opening’ format, coinciding with the easing of coronavirus restrictions and the reactivation of tourism and hospitality activity in Spain on 7th June 2021. This is the first hotel of the flagship Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels ... Read More »

The Move On, Pink Cafe

Cafe Moveon is located in Jordan area, Golestean Blvd. We’ve all gotten a little more familiar with our kitchens in the last couple months, and even the biggest Starbucks and Dunkin’ addicts have to admit—making coffee at home isn’t as bad as we always thought. That’s in part due to a whole new generations of brands bringing us coffee shop ... Read More »

How to Become an Instagram Influencer

While massive growth on Instagram is more of an uphill battle in 2021, it isn’t impossible. And as more brands discover the value of Nano and Micro influencers, you don’t need millions of followers to land big brand collaborations. In fact, Later x Fohr’s Influencer Marketing Report shows that Nano and Micro influencers have the highest engagement rate on average. Read More »

Local food of Mashhad

What’s equally fun with food travel is getting to the point of some experience — where patterns begin to emerge and you take note of similarities among ingredients, cultural expressions, cooking techniques, and geography. Read More »

Game Cafe a gathering place for the young generation

Fekrkadeh is a set in which all kinds of games can be played, such as board games, PlayStation games, and escape room games. You can also drink your favorite foods next to the games. This collection was established in 1995 and 1996 and currently has six branches. Read More »

Utopia Store Department

The newly launched Utopia Store department is a response to the needs of the area and respect for people seeking their ideal life. It can be said that one of the most prestigious shopping centers on Fereshteh Street with the highest level of visibility is “Utopia”. Read More »