Most unique villages you can travel to

Makhunik; the land of the Leipzig Makhunik is a village in the province of Sarbisheh in southern Khorasan province. The distance from the provincial capital, Birjand, is about 130 kilometers. Makhunik has had interesting features throughout history that has made it the name of the list of the strangest villages in Iran. Read More »

The finest “side of the road” restaurants

Mirzayi Resturant One of the old and famous dishes of the Chalous Road is Mirzai Restaurant. You can sit on the beds next to the river, or select tables in the hall. Read More »

The smallest hotel rooms in the world

CityHub (Holland) At first glance, this looks just like any other capsule hotel. It’s pretty small, and has very bare interiors. Read More »

9 Layered dresses for men

Law 1: 3 is the dress layer In fact, you should not wear over three overalls. Wearing 4 hands or more will not only make your limbs obsolete, it also makes it difficult for you to move your hands. So the most ideal amount is 3 suits. Read More »

7 What the air hostesses know about you

If you look into their eyes Stephen Michael, from Southwest Airlines, says: “I’m fully aware of eye contact.” Often those who do not make eye contact make me curious about their condition, are they afraid of flying? Do you feel good? Do you have personal problems? People do not tell these things directly to you, and one of my main ... Read More »

Practical Tips to Prevent Illness on Travel

Wash your hands Hand washing is a very simple work that maybe unconsciously done many times a day, but this simple thing has an amazing effect on your health. Hand washing reduces the incidence of environmental infections to a large extent, which is very important in everyday life and in travel. Read More »

Things you will regret doing

Stay at home   Are you also one of the people who spend a lot of time at home? Do you prefer watching television at home to go to the cinema, surf the nature or the concert. Do you know that by doing this you deprive yourself of being familiar with other people or learning new things and unique experiences? ... Read More »

Things to do when feeling lonely

Listen to stories A general way to distract, read, or listen to stories. For example, the story of the danger of banana insects. !!! And the story of Collider, which is only a few examples of many compelling podcasts that share shared experiences of human experiences from richly detailed perspectives. Read More »

Genetics of Blindness And The Inherited Retinal Diseases

The reputation of all the villages and regions of the country is not all about its beauty and nature, sometimes the reputation of an area is the suffering of its people. According to official statistics, about 1,450 blind people are among the 867,000 people in the Northern Khorasan province, of whom 55 live in Esfarayne. Blind people who have a ... Read More »

10 high-paid jobs for women

Cloth design Dream Jobs Many women design clothes for themselves and others. Probably, if someone enters this job, he will have a lot of interest in his work and will enjoy doing so much. One of the benefits of this is the lack of the need for a lot of initial capital, so that anyone can design and produce at ... Read More »