Who is mohammad ali ahangaran

Mohammad Ali Ahangaran was born on July 18, 1360, in Ahvaz. He has a master’s degree in law. Muhammad Ali Ahangaran married his cousin’s daughter in 2002 when he was 22 years old; the result of this marriage is a daughter. Currently, she has a legal consulting office and does legal work. The law is so broad and extensive that ... Read More »

Who is Actor’s Brother-in-law

An actor’s job is to fully represent the character they are playing and to convince their audience that character is real by engaging them and drawing them into the story. This applies to major roles and smaller parts, as all roles combine to create a successful production. There are many ways to get into character and actors often research the ... Read More »

What does film producer do

Reza Mohaghegh was born in 1361 and he is the producer of the films “Why don’t you cry”, he is a lover with hard work, she is well stoned, Mamiro and Iro, produced by Reza Mohaghegh. The Academy Award for Best Picture is revealed and on stage, to accept the Oscar, is a group of people who aren’t the stars ... Read More »

Who is Rapper Sohrab MG mj

Sohrab Mostafavi, known as Sohrab MG, was born on November 19, 1364. Sohrab has migrated outside since he was a child. Sohrab is a well-known rapper who is active in the hip-hop genre. He received his primary and secondary education outside and was passionate about music and art. After finishing high school, Sohrab started looking for music with a group ... Read More »

Who is movie director

Film directors are in charge of making sure that every component of a movie runs smoothly they have a say in how the scenes unfold, what props are going to be used, how the characters should look, and who should play specific parts. A film director controls a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects, and visualizes the script while guiding the ... Read More »

Theater Festival

Internationally renowned filmmakers, fashion practitioners, visual artists and DJs the Nest Collective collaborated with activists and artists in London and Cape Town, from their home in Nairobi, Kenya, to create this series of brief, evocative documentaries. The anthology of voices, collectively titled as The Feminine and the Foreign, offers intimate portraits of people who have pushed back against the forces ... Read More »

Harrisburg University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Noorbaksh specializes in several areas, such as international politics, global energy and health, and democratic movements and processes in Middle East politics. Dr. Noorbaksh has published extensively on the Middle East politics, including the Foreign Policy Association, Middle East Policy Journal, and the International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. Dr. Noorbaksh’s most recent academic achievements include receiving his master ... Read More »

Editor-In-Chief Newsroom

A news editor curates and reviews content by other journalists to be published online, in newspapers or other forms of print media. Their job duties including editing, proofreading, reaching out to journalists for stories, organizing a team of writers and possibly creating their own original content. News editing includes close analysis of articles and videos for grammatical errors, factual errors ... Read More »

Who is Khosropanah

He did his bachelor of Islamic studies (Islamic Jurisprudence and Principals) at Qom Islamic Seminary, 1986 and his master of Islamic studies (Islamic Jurisprudence and Principals) at that place in 1989. He authored more than 30 books and 150 scholarly articles He has held several lectures in different countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, China, ... Read More »

Controversial historical figure

While it might be difficult to picture someone who is old enough to be a grandparent as a criminal, the  sad reality is that many inmates are senior citizens, especially in the United States. Regardless of how you may personally feel about jailing anyone over 65, all of the people on this list committed punishable crimes. Nearly all of the ... Read More »